Bringing Good, Clean Food to New Orleans and Jefferson, LA Residents

Hippie Kitchen is an employee-owned and operated neighborhood gathering place dedicated to providing casual, delicious fine food. Our tasty meals highlight locally sourced ingredients to create the freshest seasonal dishes.

Our Mission

Our philosophy embraces eating organically, with whole grains and veggies paired with meat, poultry, and fish that have been raised with extra care. Our groceries are organic, and our commitment comes from a desire to feed people good food. As chefs, we have created an environment of excellence where our guests enjoy seasonal, premium ingredients, made from scratch in our cool space!

We thrive on supporting our community, including local farms and farmers. We are proud to support our staff with a rewarding workplace, a delicious meal each day, and fair wages. Thank you for being a Good Food Champion and supporting Hippie Kitchen!

Our Offerings

At our on-site coffee bar, enjoy everything from refreshing tonics and coolers to handcrafted coffee drinks and freshly blended juices. Guests can also enjoy beer, wine, and specialty cocktails, which pair perfectly with our dinner menu. The brunch menu offers classics like huevos rancheros as well as lighter fare like granola and fruit. Sandwiches range from spicy chicken and pulled pork to hummus and avocado. On the Nosh menu, you'll find shareable bites like tuna carpaccio and a house-made pizza of the day. Burritos, bowls, salads, house made seafood couvillion, and pasta dishes round out our diverse offerings. Explore all of our delicious options on our seasonal menu.

Full-service catering is available for any occasion and number of guests. Choose from our breakfast menu, boxed lunches, salad and sandwich spreads, and complete seasonal meals for a crowd.


Sara Bandurian – Branch Manager

Sara grew up in sunny Southern California and moved to New York City to study Theatre Costume Design in college. While in NYC, her boyfriend, now husband, attended Tulane University. Sara fell in love with New Orleans on her frequent visits and moved to the Big Easy after graduating in 2014. She met Harveen and Wayne soon after arriving and has worked with them as a cook and in catering since. Sara discovered a passion for using her artistry and love of food to create beautiful, healthy dishes that bring happiness to others.

James "Jimmy" Coleman, Jr. – Chief Mentor

Hippie Kitchen’s chief mentor, James “Jimmy” Coleman, Jr. has been instrumental in building an outstanding team. A true believer in hospitality, Jimmy is the visionary behind the Windsor Court Hotel and proud to now be a part of the reshaping of his childhood neighborhood. Minnie Coleman brings her love for seasonal produce fresh from her farm, inspired by her New England roots. Rumor has it, she can even hypnotize a lobster.

Harveen Khera – CEO, Founder and Executive Chef

Harveen is the founder of Hippie Kitchen. A 30-year service industry pioneer specializing in the creation and growth of innovative food service businesses, she's created a community through food by partnering with farmers, universities, students, and neighbors. Most recently, Harveen developed the first successful, profitable farm to table, food and beverage model, which was adopted by Tulane University. Harveen developed her craft working within the incredible, dedicated, professional service industry of the Bay Area. Chefs Jeremiah Towers, Joey Altman, Sam Moganum, Yasu Ueno, Craig Stoll, Nancy Oakes and many more have been her mentors. She found a small, rundown space overlooking Union Square and transformed it into a hit bar! The Tunnel Top became a magnet for the service industry, as well as locals and tourists. Next came internationally recognized Tallula, a much-loved restaurant in the Castro, launching the small plate phenomenon featuring contemporary Asian food. Harveen was recruited to manage the successful openings of Brunos, Backflip and John Lee Hooker’s Boom Boom Room and restaurants Delfina, Foreign Cinema, Salt House.

Wayne Greiner – CFO, President and Chief Cook

A native New Orleanian, Wayne began his culinary career as a teenager under Emeril Lagasse at Commanders Palace. His sense of adventure and desire to excel in cooking led him to work in San Francisco with Chefs Wolfgang Puck, Joyce Goldstein, Nancy Oakes, and Michel Richard. Traveling further, Wayne continued his culinary career working at Le Bernardin in NYC, and at Lucas Carton in Paris. His love for New Orleans and the flavors it holds has brought him back home. He is socially liberal and fiscally conservative, constantly keeping our business growing. He's also a brilliant artist.

Amanda Carpiniello – Cyber Guru and Catering Coordinator

Amanda joined our team as General Manager in 2014. She currently oversees marketing, human resources, building relationships with customers and catering clients, and event planning. Amanda moved to New Orleans with her High School sweetheart and military husband in 2013. Originally from sunny South Florida, she never anticipated a move to the culture-heavy city that is New Orleans, but she embraced the cultural shift and found a team she's proud to be on. As an advocate for healthy eating and living, Amanda is excited to be a part of such a forward-thinking company that uses organic and local ingredients whenever possible.