Spring Cleaning for the Soul

'Tis the season for clean eating!

  (From left to right) Freshly squeezed orange juice, Happy Heart, Strawberry Green Iced Tea, and Hippie Greens.

(From left to right) Freshly squeezed orange juice, Happy Heart, Strawberry Green Iced Tea, and Hippie Greens.

Spring has sprung, and the time has come for us to retreat from our cozy, winter hideaways and begin refreshing for summer. This can apply to more than just physically cleaning out our homes; why not better ourselves internally as well? At Hippie Kitchen you’ll find several options that are both light and energizing.

If you have visited us for breakfast or lunch, you have probably seen one of our star baristas throwing veggies into our juicer! To ensure that your juice is always fresh, we juice each drink to order. We have several juice mixtures featured on our menu that are sure to satisfy and give you a refreshing start!

Happy Heart Juice- Beet, Carrot, Orange, and Apple
A perfect blend of sweet and earthy flavors come from this vibrant option!

Hippie Greens- Apple, Greens, Cucumber, Ginger, and Lemon
Don’t be fooled by its green color; this juice still packs on plenty of tart and sweet flavors!

Cold Buster- Carrot, Beet, Cucumber, Greens
Craving that fresh, earthy, taste of veggies to pick you up? Nothing does it quite as well as this!

Seabreeze- Grapefruit, Mandarin, Cranberry, Lime
This tart, refreshing mixture is sure to tickle your taste buds while giving you a healthy boost!

The Juice Scoop

Q. Are any sugars added to your juices?

A. No! Our juices are made 100% with fresh, organic produce.

Q. What are the benefits of drinking pressed juices?

A. There are many benefits to drinking juices! Each item that we juice has its own individual benefits; carrots are great for your eyes, beets help to lower blood pressure, and ginger has anti-inflammatory effects. All of our pressed juices are packed with nutrients!

(Left) House made chia pudding and (Right) protein-packed vegan super rolls. 

Lighter Fares for Breakfast and Lunch

Our menu features several refreshing food options perfect for cleaning your body and helping you to be your best.

Chia pudding is a perfect breakfast choice. Chia seeds are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats. We mix the seeds with our house made chai and, to give the pudding a sweet, spiced flavor. We finish it off with a light topping of our orange marmalade!

If you’re looking for a protein-packed, vegan lunch option, look no further than our Super Rolls! Our twist on a classic spring roll is filled with smoked sweet potatoes, avocado, quinoa, sprouts, kale, and our house made bayou sriracha sauce. Each roll comes with a side of spicy peanut sauce for dipping!

Squats and Super Rolls

Hippie Kitchen recently visited Geaux Fit Training and worked with Vitality by Kristin to bring a pop up of yummy vegan treats! Below is a snap of Sara and Zach showing off some healthy and filling Super Rolls. Perfect as a post-workout snack!