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National Guacamole Day

Guacamole is typically considered a side dish or even just a sauce, but on National Guacamole Day we elevate this tasty green blend into the spotlight. Guacamole (or guac for short) is made of avocados, which are well-known for their health benefits due to their high vitamin content and lots of those healthy fats that help to lower cholesterol. Avocados, native to Mexico and Central America, grow on trees and are technically considered a fruit. But in modern times, the humble avocado has traveled world-wide, and people as far away as Sri Lanka enjoy their own unique version of the guacamole mash-up. Closer to home, people often like to spice up their guacamole with onion, garlic, cumin, tomato, cilantro, or even just some store-bought salsa. There are hundreds of ways to mix up a bowl of guacamole, and people’s personal tastes for this green stuff are just as varied. Traditionally, guacamole is served with tortilla chips, but it’s also good with regular corn chips, carrot sticks (or celery), and even on sandwiches, salads, or hamburgers. Some people even blend it into smoothies! However you like your guacamole, break out a big bowl of it and start dipping on September 16.

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